Australian Uni Games 2014

Trials for this year's AUGs squad start on the 6th of August from 6pm at The Square, Main Campus.

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AUGs 2014

Finals Series Preview 2014

Finals series 2014


1st grade

The last game of the regular season saw our 1st grade team drop out of final 4 contention, narrowly being pipped – by 0.6% !- into 5th position for the year. So, our first graders will now be busy leading the supporters’ camp for our 2nd and 3rd grade grand final bids.


2nd grade

Unfortunately, our 2nd grade team, the defending champion, was knocked out of contention with a surprise 9-0 outcome against Hawkesbury at Petersham on Sunday morning. The game started with a nervous 1st inning in which a number of our errors let the opposition get off to a flying start, plating 3 runs.  From there, we did not seem to be able to regain composure, and the expected high quality play did not flow from our players. The Hawkesbury team played very well and were aggressive from the start, hitting well at the right moments of the game.  They now play Marrickville in the semi-final, with Petersham going straight into the Grand Final.


3rd grade – come along and support the Sydney University baseball team as it tries to save its Championship position, at Petersham Oval, at 1pm on Saturday 16 August, playing the second semi final against Hawkesbury

The 3rd grade team was unable to continue its winning ways against a Petersham team which found sparkling form moving in to the first final. This game was a 1v2 showdown, but the closeness of the games during the year was not reflected in but the 9-3 result of this rather one-sided affair. The good form we’ve seen through the season which gave this team the top position on the ladder, seemed to desert it on Saturday.  The boys will have learned from this experience and will be ready to lay everything on the line in this do-or-die final.


4th grade – Playing the first final at Tregear starting at 2pm for a 2 hour 15 game

The 4th grade team in the Pacific Coast league has really built its strengths, skills, and concentration during the season. While the team ended in 3rd place, it was just 1 game behind the 1st placed team, Greenway. Last week’s final game of the season saw an emphatic 15-9 win against Greenway, being its second defeat of the top team for the season. However, the team has only managed two draws - 7-7 and 8-8 -  against the second placed team, West Sydney Boomers, who we play in this first final on Saturday. The game this Saturday is at Tregear and is a do-or-die affair, and we need to find a way of manufacturing a winning run if it goes again to a tight fought draw.



Here is the link to the Winter League play-off games RESULTS.


We welcome all Cynics supporters to come and lend your voice to the rallying call to help our 3rd grade boys win the Gold for yet another year, and our 4th grade boys take gold !


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Finals Series


The regular season is drawing to a close, with the last round on Saturday the 2nd of August

Finals start the week after, on the 9th of August!

Season 2014


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Season 2014 commences on 1st Weekend in April


1st Grade - 2013 SWBL GF

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